Welcome to The 7 Deadly Gins!

We are “The 7 Deadly Gins” –  a Gin & Tonic bar and theme camp at That Thing In The Desert.

While we are taking a much-needed break and won’t be on playa for the 2017 event, we don’t just stop burning. We’ve decided to donate our inventory of 7DG logo schwag and give all proceeds to the wonderful Saving The Survivors charity that rehabs poached wildlife. Help us make a difference!  READ MORE HERE


Our diverse camp members hail from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, South Africa, India, Canada and all corners of the United States.

Inspired by the lush, tropical settings of Africa and the Far East, our bar is, at its very essence, a nod to the grand period of the British Empire – when officers refreshed themselves with G&Ts in the sweltering climates they had conquered, fighting off malaria through the quinine in the tonic and keeping stomach ailments at bay through the gin.

We invite you to join us in our stunning bar, lounge amidst luscious palm trees, plush zebra carpets, comfortable seating, pillows and exotic accents, and have a delightfully refreshing top-shelf Gin & Tonic – on the house, of course.

Our ultimate goal however is broader than just serving cold libations to pleasant tunes: we aim to create an atmosphere of global community with our bar and camp, giving people a first-hand experience of how selfless gifting can positively impact and change your life.


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